Timely: Seasonal

Poems about the seasons.

  • Autumn Travel

    May your dusty trip be bright
    As cities brush up rising crowds;
    May growing sun’s pink flush make light
    The under-carriages of clouds.

    The warm’s away and trees lose leaves,
    Their branches sparse on charcoal lines;
    A harshness stills; nostalgia grieves
    As autumn’s memory declines.

    With climate-changing’s mix and match,
    There is no certainty to air,
    No definite turn-around to catch.
    Surfaces glitch. Traditions err.

    Despite the dead leaves’ sprawl, I say,
    Go well and journey safe today.


    Winter comes again

    A shrill policing siren sears my street
    and scars a way for followings of cold.
    The damped-down leafmould volumes in retreat
    dissolve their in betweenness — shrink, controlled.

    Autumn’s field-good crop of learning’s dropped.
    Class clears for regimens to fall in place.
    Responsibility — coursed ego stopped —
    firms its limbs for icing laws to pace.

    Though forecasts hit and miss, we know the deal:
    celestial seasons govern in our hearts;
    that mankind’s striving can’t preempt what’s real,
    displaying clear that we are only parts;

    that cosmic laws will guide our human strife
    and Wisdom’s guardians police Earth’s life.